Book Review for: "Texas True"

Book Review for: Texas True

Written by: Celia Yeary

Desert Breeze Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61252-028-5

Avail as: eBook only

4.5 Stars

Yeary pens a suspense-filled character driven western romance with “Texas True.” True Cameron longs for a loving husband, a big family, and to live on a ranch, but to make these dreams come true, her patience, courage, and inner strength will be tested like never before.

Set in Texas just after the turn of the 20th Century, True Cameron is a young lady making her debut. Handsome Sam Deleon makes her acquaintance and quickly intrigues her. Sam sets about to win her heart and True is primed to fall.

While True’s feelings are genuine and sincere, Sam’s motives are more complex. He must marry and get an heir so he can come into his family’s inheritance and trust. While he goes about sweeping True off her feet, he does not allow his heart the luxury of love.

True and Sam marry and True quickly determines that the man she married would rather be at the oil fields than with her. True is forced to take in Sam’s niece and nephew once their mother dies, and she realizes she has to live a fuller life than what she is doing. She moves back into her old house, but has erected a stone battlement around her heart, one that won’t be easy for Sam to dismantle now.

True goes to the oil fields to make her marriage to Sam work. The days are long and hard and while the couple share a physical intimacy, they lack the foundation of an emotional one. True, however, has proven to Sam she’s made of sterner stuff and cracks the amour around his heart. Will the news that she’s expecting a baby shatter Sam’s amour or will he draw back and focus on fulfilling duty so he can come into his inheritance?

The story opens with a grand ball, immediately capturing the reader’s attention. The novel flows well and just when the reader lulls into a comfortable pace, Yeary throws in a surprise, building and heightening the suspense.

Yeary’s dialogue rings true, bringing out a rich authenticity to the characters. Her descriptions paint a vivid picture of the beauty which belongs to the Texas range.

The most satisfying part is the rich characterization and Sam’s journey. True lives up to her name. She’s true to her heart, loyal, honest, and courageous. True is also steadfast and it’s that quality that allows Sam to spread his wings emotionally. Sam’s had a hard life and knows only a certain way. His journey will warm the reader’s heart.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers and Yeary’s love scenes smolder. A pulse-pounding ending will leave the reader on the edge of their seat. “Texas True” will sweep one off their feet and transport them to a time where the west offered an exciting adventure and a chance at finding that rare love of a lifetime.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

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