Enneagram Super Heroes

If you are familiar with the Enneagram, you know that it includes both the higher qualities and fear-reactive traits of nine basic personality types. Each of us has both the higher and reactive traits of all nine types, but some are more predominate in your personality.

Our reactive self is inflexible, controlling, picky, argumentative, stingy, stubborn, distracted, defensive, moody and vain. Sometimes it is hard to notice when we are reacting with those negative traits, especially when your heart is in the right place. A good way to observe this is but noticing when you are feeling fearful or threatened in some way.

Super Heroes in comic books are often presented as flawed but good people trying to make the best of their situation, just like us. To help you better visualize the flaws that sometimes masquerade as higher traits, here are our Enneagram Super Heroes along with their superego behavior.

Type ONE: ONEder Woman – This amazing model of perfection always knows what is right is every situation. She has the incredible ability to be perfect, make no mistakes and require everyone around her to meet her standards.

Yikes! Standards are important, but people make mistakes. If you find yourself needing to have things always done your way, even if you think your way is the best, allow for the possibility there are many different ways to perform a task.

Type TWO: Saint Benevolence – This generous lady of bounty is always giving and giving and making sure everyone knows how much! She never misses an opportunity to be praised for her good deeds.

True generosity is its own reward and does not need praise or recognition. If you need people to know about your good deeds, maybe you have another motivation besides kindness.

Type THREE: Captain Incredible – This super hero never misses an opportunity to brag about his accomplishments or possessions. His walls are lined with photos of himself with important people and he’s always name-dropping.

Excellence is the commitment to do and be your best. If the praise and accolades are more important than the actual work, consider why it is so important to impress others.

Type FOUR: The Dark Star – While deeply misunderstood and tragically under-appreciated, this super hero manages to struggle through to the end – even against incredible odds.

The higher self doesn’t struggle and doesn’t need to be understood. If you feel like a victim in any part of your life, think about why you have so much of your self-worth invested in the approval of others.

Type FIVE: Cerebrain – This super hero has the incredible ability to know everything about every single thing in the world. Cerebrain knows all but understands little.

There is no need to impress anyone with your intelligence if you are confident of who you are and what you know. If you find yourself showing off how smart you are, maybe it is time to consider why you are so insecure.

Type SIX: Anti-Hero – This super hero has the ability to see the suspicious motivations of everyone – criminal or average citizen. No one can be trusted, so Anti-Hero waits to be called into action to put it all back together.

Waiting for things to fall apart, so you can say, “I knew it!” may be satisfying for about a minute. But, watching and waiting for the worst to happen is almost guaranteed to bring it about. Your true nature knows that every life includes the good and the bad. It appreciates the times when things are good and accepts the times when things go bad.

Type SEVEN: Adventure Man – While rushing from one exciting moment to the next, Adventure Man never actually gets around to fighting crime or saving damsels in distress. That would slow him down and require too much commitment. No one is faster at avoiding responsibility and dodging accountability that this Ennea-hero, all in the name of multi-tasking.

Running your life at the speed of light is a way to avoid your feelings and the chaos you cause in the lives of other people. Your true nature is not in a hurry to do anything because it knows it has everything it needs.

Type EIGHT: The Commander – Gifted with the ability to keep the peace and defend the innocent, the Commander keeps tabs on every detail of every aspect of his life.Leaving nothing to chance, he frequently offers up his services to keep an eye on the universe while God catches a nap.

The authentic self knows the only things we really control are our thoughts and reactions. Trying to control everything and everyone else is a waste of time.

Type NINE: The Amazing Disappearing Woman – This super hero has the ability to become invisible while in plain sight and disappear into her own world whenever things get too intense. When arch-villains show their evil presence, The Amazing Disappearing Woman simply pretends they don’t exist.

Your authentic self has no need to avoid problems because it knows that you have the inner resources to handle whatever comes your way. Hiding from your challenges makes them grow more challenging.

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