IP address sending emails vs Home IP Address.

IP Reputation Question: I am slightly confused with this one. I have gsuite accounts and the servers from Google assign me with the Ip addresses to each account.
I have got a static IP address for my HOME address instead of dynamic to improve my email deliver ability. Would that matter at all? In essence, I’m saying that I have specifically requested my ISP issue me a static IP address for my home address.

When people talk about IP addresses, like here [https://sendgrid.com/blog/email-reputation-101-ip-reputation-vs-domain-reputation/](https://sendgrid.com/blog/email-reputation-101-ip-reputation-vs-domain-reputation/) they are talking about the SMTP ip addresses right? (Using sendgrid IP address vs Google Ip address).

Because in essence it means that if I were to send emails from my friend’s house, it would have an effect in my deliverability and that seems odd.

Also, if Google gives shared IP addresses, then how is it fair that my email reputation will go to crap because of others’ sending habits?

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