James, What’s in a Name?

Jacob(Jey-kuh b)or James (Jeymz)

Jacob meaning surpplanter (One who takes the place of another)

Some of the European Names:

Italian:Comi, Giacomi, Iacmo, Jammes

French: Jacquemet, Camolli and many variations

English: Fitzjames, Jemison, Jamison, McJames

The Bible first records the name Jacob located in the Old Testament. Jacob was the son of Isaac, the twin brother of Esau and Father of the The Twelve Tribes of Israel. The name James is seen first in the New Testament.

Writings talk about Jesus Christ’s Apostles John’s and Andrew’s brothers were both named James. The brother of John is sometimes called James the Great. Fitzjames (1670-1734) illegitimate son of James II of England later became the Marshal of France. His family titles include dukedom of France and dukedom of the Spanish family Alba.

Famous and Infamous James’

USS Ruben James, A ship named after a Boatswain’s Mate was in a fierce battle with Barbary pirates in the ship USS Philadelphia in 1804 when their ship run aground. Along with the captain, the ship was abandoned. Later the crew came back to burn the ship so the pirates could not use it. The Captain of the Philadelphia, Lt Decatur was about to be killed when Ruben James came between the captain and a pirate losing his hand in the process,but giving Lt. Decatur time to retrieve his pistol shooting the pirate dead.

The infamous Jesse James was born in Missouri. He was not old enough at the beginning of the War between the States to join in the fighting. As the war drew to a close, it was rumored James rode with the raider Quantrill.Jesse James started robbing banks and trains owned by unionist who passed laws making it hard for his friends and relatives to live productive lives. Truth or fantasy we may never know, but he was dedicated in his cause to the end. His gang consisted of Frank his brother, the Younger brothers and members from what was left from Quantrill’s Raiders. Two brothers from his gang were responsible for shooting Jesse as he turned his back to them to straighten a picture.

The name Jacob/James has had a long history, almost from the beginning of time. The name James has been taken by Kings, Heroes and thieves.

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