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Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right place for my question ūüôā

I’m thinking about hosting some audio files on Wasabi but I’m not sure how to protect the audio content by making it “undownloadable” or at least hard to be downloaded. The reason is that I spend hours listening to radio stations, recording important programs/exclusive interviews. I don’t want someone to easily download them and post them on his/her page.

I recently uploaded an audio file to Wasabi and embedded it on my blog and realized the audio can be easily downloaded through a download link in the audio player: [https://imgur.com/JPx8YfF](https://imgur.com/JPx8YfF)

Is there a way to remove this download button? Or using a flash player instead of HTML5 audio player would be a better solution to prevent the download? Is there a WP plugin for this reason?

Chrome extensions or Internet Download Manager shouldn’t be able to download the audio files.

I appreciate your suggestions ūüôā

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