The Hero’s Journey for Healers and Lightworkers

Hearing the Call

“Once a hero-to-be has been called and has agreed to accept the quest, a helper/mentor appears. First, a mentor is challenged with teaching a skill-set to the hero in hopes the hero can surmount the challenges he’ll soon face. Second, the mentor helps the hero define the quest-at least as much of it is known. Next, the mentor assists the hero in understanding how he must grow and evolve [and heal] if the quest is to be successful and helps the hero come to terms with self-doubt and fear.” -Susan Pesznecker

Is being a healer part of your life purpose? And if so, where are you on the hero’s journey for healers?

The Hero’s Journey for Healers

If you are familiar with Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, you have likely heard of the hero’s journey already. It begins with hearing a call and answering it. This call begins a quest and a journey that comes with several challenges to overcome but provides help along the way. It ends with victory and with coming home to yourself in a deeper way than ever before.

I believe that the story of the journey is different for each person but that there are general steps you can expect as you begin your own quest as a healer and lightworker.

Step One: Hearing the call to be a healer and answering it. Making a decision and a commitment to doing whatever is necessary to live your purpose. Beginning the quest that will change your own life and empower you to help others do the same.

Step Two: Seeking guidance and wisdom as you begin the quest to find out more about your purpose and what it will require of you. Who and how and what are you meant to heal? How best can you be of service?

Step Three: Healing and resolving the past or current-life challenges that have been blocking you, keeping you from getting clear about your purpose and living it fully. The healing process may take time but it is truly the first step along the road to full freedom in living as a healer. For this part of the quest, you become your first client.

Step Four: Creating the vision and the plan that will empower you to shapeshift your life into one that tells the story you were meant to tell, playing the part written just for you as together we all work toward healing the planet.

Step Five: Creating a daily practice that keeps your vision alive and moves you ever closer to the goal of being exactly who you came here to be and doing exactly what you came here to do. Coming home to yourself in a way that clarifies and supports your soul-deep awareness of who you are and what you’re meant to do.

Now that you’ve read those steps, do you recognize a little of your own journey? Where are you in that quest?

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