What to Say to a Girl While Texting So She Thinks You Are Fun and Flirty

Do you have any clue how to text hot girls so you sound fun and flirty?

No! Well, I’m gonna hook you up with a Magic Texting Formula so you can start dating a lot more hot women.

Here’s the 3 Rules That Go Into the Magic Texting Formula

Texting Rule #1: A sexy text to a girl should be playful and flirty

So skip the overly sexual content. It’s really a turn off – at least in the beginning. Be patient grasshopper.

Texting Rule #2: A sexy text should convey that you are a challenge and unpredictable

This means you are not too nice and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Texting Rule #3: Keep it short

You can have a short texting convo and still convey these traits about yourself. Save the conversations for the phone and face-to-face time.

Why Does This Magic Texting Formula Work Like Nobody’s Business?

Women focus more on personality, self esteem, power, and other intangible qualities. Women also love men who can make them laugh and that are a challenge to them while giving off a confident vibe. That’s why you see hot women on the arms of even average-looking, short, pudgy, balding guys.

When attractive women meet a guy that is charming, funny, un-needy and in control of himself and the situation, attraction in a woman gets triggered. Hot women find it rare to meet these kinds of guys.

So if you convey this vibe in your text messages, a hot girl will eat it up!

Here’s a Sexy Texting Conversation in Action Using the Magic Texting Formula

Let’s say you were shopping the other day for a pair of shoes and the clerk that came to help you was a real knockout.

She brought you a pair of shoes to try on. As you put the shoes on, she enthusiastically squeaked,

“WOW THOSE SHOES LOOK GREAT ON YOU!!!” You teasingly mocked her in the same hi-pitch tone, “YOU’RE ON COMMISSION, YOU NEED TO SAY THAT!!”

She gave you that playful little slap on the arm and told you that you were “a little sh**.” You teased her for 5 more minutes and got her number before leaving.

You decide to send that knockout a sexy text in a couple of days

You: “Hey, I hope your shoe store carries insurance for injured customers.”

Your opening text plays off of your exchange at the store.

Her: “Why is that?”

You: “I have pinched toe disorder from those shoes you hustled me into buying.”

You tease her and challenge her.

Her: “Ha, ha. Sensitive toes, huh? I thought you looked kinda soft.”

She laughs and banters back with a challenge for you.

You: “I bet even Superman gets a pair of bad hero boots now and again.”

Her: “So you think you’re Superman?

You: “I’ve had to rescue a damsel here and there. Of course I wore a comfortable pair of shoes.”

Her: “I’ll put a cape icon next to your name just in case.”

She knows how to be playful, too. Great.

You: “Sounds like you might have a hero fetish.”

You find another thing to tease her about to keep up the banter.

Her: “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

You: “Are you asking me out? That’s kinda forward.”

You just switched the tables by making it seem like she is pursuing you. This is sexy and women love it.

Her: “Ha, ha. Brat.”

You: “Tell you what. There’s a fun hang out at the beach I go to after surfing on Saturdays. If you give my feet a little rub, I’ll let you buy me a drink, too.”

You never ask or invite her. Instead, you suggest she join you somewhere you like to hangout. Women love that you are in control and can take the lead this way. It’s VERY SEXY!

Her: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

You: “I’ll call you later with the details.”

(Real men pick up the phone to confirm the date. Yes, that’s sexy, too.)

Her: “Can’t wait.”

See how easy, flirty and sexy this exchange was?

All women love this type of flirty, sexy, texting. You’ll have the really hot ones eager to be with you when and where ever you suggest. Why?

Because most guys don’t have clue about sending sexy texts that trigger attraction. You’ll be a breath of fresh air – and make her a little hot, too.

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